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August 29, 2009


Wordgirl's mom

Winter always seems long in MN. It's going to be even harder to wait for Spring/Summer while waiting for your new book. Can't wait! Congratulations!

Preston Tucker

Looks like another winner...of my heart(the book, not the author, yeesh!)


So cool


i want it now!


Do you have a viable business but lack the necessary finances to get it off it’s feet?


awesome book ive read it and it was great. Any new book in the works?


Yep, THE LAST MARTIN. May 2010 with Zondervan. More to come in a blog!


And Ramon, about the viable business. Yep. I reckon it'll take quite a bit. A million should do, in small, unmarked bills, preferably tens and twenties.

Won't be able to pay it back. But I am willing to sign a book for you if you like.


Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.

Tami Breazeale

This book is very good!

Do you know if anyone has written a study guide for this book yet? I picked it up after meeting you at the MN CCBD conference and have a student using it for independent reading right now.


I have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up.


Literally just finished reading this book like a minute ago, and loved it! I searched up your name on google because I have to found out if there is a sequel to this, but it looks like there isn't. :( Oh well, I'm looking forward to reading 'Jerk, California' too. :)

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