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August 18, 2010


Gail P Smith

Yeah man! Tell him to visit Davenport, IA (home of chiropractic medicine) the last Saturday in July and altho the Ethiopians may win, 14,000 other people of all ages RUN, walk and jog for 7 miles thru the streets of town.
My husband in 65 and ran it the last 2 years.
You don't have to win to run!


Ha! Ha! Ha! Great story! Just don't hurt yourself! :)

Dr. Edwin M. Fissinger

Hello Jonathan... It is your chiropractor here.... But first a comment to Gail: Ahhhh... Gail... there is no such thing as "chiropractic medicine". Chiropractic is to healthcare as Coke is to cola and Kleenex is to tissue. Both so-called modern medicine and chiropractic are healthcare but they are different brands. The product is healthcare... not medicine. Medicine is the philosophy by which the body is not trusted and drugs and the knife are the main tools. Chiropractic tries to engage the power that made the body to heal the body.
And Jonathan... running is for small skinny guys that need to eat something. But what I always say to my patients after I explain how unnatural long distance running is, when they insist on doing it anyway is: "Go ahead and run. More money for me".

Dr. Edwin M. Fissinger

Sorry about the redundant "is" in the last bit there. I failed to proof read it.... that also is for skinny guys that need to eat something....


Hey Doc!
I'll be in for my scheduled appt. tomorrow. My neck is killing me. Tough start to JJJ.

Darlene Fanning

Some run for glory and some run for the fun of it. I choose the latter. It's like going on a diet. Why? To be sexy, or to be healthy? That's what one should put in mind too. The same goes when going to a chiropractor. Would one go there just to get rid of the pain, or to maintain a sound body overall?

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